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...I spent well over a minute trying to come up with some onomatopoeia to convey the guttural, frustrated sounds I've been making as of late while writing to put in the entry header, but nothing came close.

I'm around halfway through the hard edit of The Lycanthrope Club: Book II and have gotten through some of the parts that needed the most work, but there's still a crap-load to go.  Don't forget it'll require another revision or two after I pass it along to an editor.  On top of that, I still need to write the long-promised sequel to "A Nurse in Wolf's Clothing" and "Phillip and Melinda's First Night." Then there's the first draft of my research article for the laboratory, my six-month evaluation form, other side projects...

Long story short, I'm not suffering so much from writer's block as writer's fatigue. That said, I really can't (or don't want to) take a break now. I need to get this stuff done.

Can't promise anything new for a while because all my projects are long-term at present and I don't have the energy to tack on new ones.  The podcast, oddly enough, is pretty easy to do since most of it is plug-n-play and I already have a website (and separate media host, of course). Once I check in with my business partner and do a test run I'll get started.  There's something to look forward to in the immediate future, at least.


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