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We're so close to releasing The Lycanthrope Club: Book II I can taste it.

I said I wouldn't be posting another preview of the book, but again, I lied.

Here's a snippet from "First Night" - an exclusive short story detailing Melinda and Phillip's first night in the woods as werewolves. It will only be included in the full-color edition PDF available to contributors and print copies (both color and greyscale). It's a description of the first male werewolf in the series, post-transformation.

Yes, he does have a bit of a bishie vibe to him.

* * *

Phillip's pelt was grey. Slightly light grey, in fact - almost silvery without looking aged. [Melinda] found herself gently gliding her paw along his shoulders, feeling his hairs run between her digits.

"Phillip?" she said apprehensively.

There was no response. Phillip's shoulders slowly rose and sank as he breathed.

Melinda frowned, thinking. She had passed out the first time she transformed. Maybe he was unconscious.

"Phillip?" she repeated, this time louder.

"Yeah, yeah...I'm OK."

Phillip's speaking voice had gone from a tenor to a resonant baritone. Steeling herself, Melinda slowly lowered her arms and stepped back. Phillip turned to face her. Melinda's jaw dropped.

In truth she had half-expected to see some kind of hulking lupine brute, particularly after feeling how much he had grown. Yes, he was taller than her, but leaner. She actually had an inch or two on him in terms of raw mass yet his physique was still quite masculine. Undeniably masculine, she noted as she gazed downwards, blushing. Her questing eyes traveled up his body. His fur was lighter around his tight, sinewy stomach and torso. His nose and muzzle were short but sharp, a mask-like coloring of darker grey encircling his eyes, which had turned yellowish-brown. His hair - or the fur around his head, Melinda still wasn't sure what to call it - had lengthened and turned pure white. It shone gently in the alabaster light of the moon. His ears were noticeably large and long, drooping forward slightly. Though his face bore traces of his human self there was something else there - a strange, quiet nobility Melinda had never seen in him before.

"Melinda?" intoned Phillip.

Startled, Melinda wiped the drool from her mouth and spoke.

"Is that you?" she whispered in awe.

Phillip stared down at his paws, flexing his padded, clawed digits.

"I guess so," he replied.
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MitchellTF Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
I like the Lycanthrope Club. Finally finished reading Part 1. (Interesting how much shorter it is then the cut some stuff out, I see...)
Heliotroph Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2015
Actually, The Woods is a little under 39,000 words long while the The Lycanthrope Club: Book I is nearly 43,000 words long. So, the former is SHORTER than the latter. 

I cut some content, yes, but added a lot more. 
MitchellTF Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Huh. Interesting. I suspected some stuff was added, but couldn't be sure. (The main cut scene is a bit more memorable then the added  content)

I'm thinking of posting up a review of it to my youtube channel.
xxwhiteblazexx Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
can we get lycanthrope club t shirts on cafe press with stuff like 
: I <3 the N.A.L.A , or fantasy book club members. and stuff like that
Heliotroph Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
There already is a Daemoneye Publishing CafePress store, though we don't sell any Lycanthrope Club related merchandise.

I suppose I could cook something up. That said, CafePress's products are a little overpriced even for a POD service. I might shop around for another option first.
xxwhiteblazexx Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
i've seen the Daemoneye stuff and i actually am thinking about buying one i just think it would be neat if we could show our love of the books with t shirts  with references to the books themselves and not just the publisher 

p.s. i've really been loving the podcasts nice job. the we built this city, building character, and the what measure is non human really help with my story ideas.
StoneMan85 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Book 1 color came thorugh perfectly.  Though honestly, I thought there'd be more colored and illustration sketches.  I mean at least on Cynthia, Heidie, and the others, including their Lycan forms.
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StoneMan85 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome.  I can't wait to see and read it. 
Otakueagle001 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015
Saludos Heliotroph, soy un gran seguidor de tus historias y espero ansiosamente que sea publicado el segundo libro de "The Lycanthrope Club", te deseo mucho éxito en todas las ramas de tu vida, tanto profesional como estas, recibe un cálido abrazo desde México.
Buen día.
P.D. Lamento escribir en español, pero no se ingles suficiente para escribir, pero si lo suficiente para entenderlo de forma escrita 
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